The rarest materials readily available for your great projects


We have three stores :

Deck Stores

Ropes & Hawsers
Cargo deck & equipment
Marine paints & paint spraying
Safety & fire-fighting
Bridge equipment (general)

Cabine Stores

We provide :
Dining & Galley Ustensils equipment, Clothing & Linen items, Bushware, Hygiene, Stationery & Consumables, Medical equipment & supplies, Hardware, Bathroom equipment.

Engine Stores

Hoses & Couplings, Lubricants,, chemicals , Solvent & cleaners, Powered tools & Equipment, Hand tools, Cutting tools, Measuring equipment, Steel or Metalwork, Fastenings, Pipe & tube fittings, Valves, Bearings, Electrical equipment, Packing & jointings, Welding equipment.